What Can a Criminal Defence Lawyer Do For You?

Jan 27, 2021 Benefits
criminal defence lawyer

What does a criminal defence lawyer do? A criminal defence lawyer is an attorney specializing in the defence of people and businesses charged with a criminal offence. Criminal defence lawyers represent clients who have been charged with criminal offences ranging from drug possession to murder. They defend these clients in court as well as in arbitration when civil disputes are settled outside the legal court system. Criminal defence lawyers also work as corporate counsel, representing corporations that are accused of criminal offences. Criminal defence lawyers are also increasingly used in preparation for trials of civil litigation, in corporate restructuring, and insurance and risk management.

How could a criminal defence lawyer help you?

A criminal defence lawyer could provide the expertise and experience needed to build your case before a judge or jury. Often, criminal defence lawyers represent clients who are facing serious criminal charges, including murder. They help build legal defences for clients who may face life sentences or long terms in prison. They could also represent you in criminal proceedings such as civil suits, trial, and hearing before juries.

Why would you need a criminal defence lawyer?

If you’re facing politically motivated criminal charges, or that accuse you of a crime that you did not commit, your criminal defence lawyer will argue your case in court, and then help you obtain the outcome you deserve. Hiring a criminal defence lawyer helps build your case before a judge or jury so you can be legally represented and get the justice you deserve. There are many common types of criminal charges and what the legal process will entail.

Drug Possession

Drug possession is one of the most common charges faced by criminal defence lawyers. If you’re facing criminal charges for the possession of small amounts of drugs, such as marijuana, or growing cannabis plants, you should think carefully about whether your actions are related to drug trafficking. In most cases, the answer is no. If you were caught growing a small number of drugs in your home without a prescription for that amount, that’s probably not a crime, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to hire a criminal defence lawyer and fight for the possessions against those drug charges.

Drug possession laws vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in Canada. In Ontario, for example, the penalties for those found guilty of criminal possession of drugs can include community service, fines, and even jail time. This is a drug offence that many people face in Toronto, so it’s important to hire criminal lawyers who know what they are doing in this area of the law. Even if you live in another part of the country, it’s still a good idea to hire criminal defence lawyers if you are facing criminal charges for drug possession in any way. Your criminal lawyer will have the experience needed to fight for you in court.

criminal defence lawyer

Drug Trafficking

Another criminal charge that might require the expertise of a criminal defence lawyer is drug trafficking. This charge involves the transportation, possession or production of dangerous drugs. Again, the charges can range from minimum penalties for first offences up to heavy criminal penalties for repeat offences. The lawyer you hire can advise you on the charges that are appropriate for your circumstances.

Other Charges

As, well as criminal charges, other types of charges can require the expertise of a criminal defence lawyer. Fraud is one such charge. It is possible to be charged with fraud even if you did not commit a criminal offence. For instance, you might be charged with criminal charges for stealing a credit card. Even if you did not intend to steal the credit card, if you did so and failed to make repayments on time, you could be charged with fraud. A criminal lawyer can give you legal advice on how to fight your criminal charges.

Another possible area of criminal law where a criminal defence lawyer might be useful is criminal litigation. Criminal litigation involves the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences, such as homicide, kidnapping, sexual assault, serious sexual offences, fraud, theft etc. It also involves the argument and sometimes the argumentative process of criminal litigation. In criminal litigation, a criminal lawyer would be able to assist their client in investigating and providing criminal defence advice on the areas that may be considered for criminal proceedings. A criminal lawyer also might be able to assist their client in preparing the appropriate criminal defence evidence that can be used at criminal proceedings. They can also prepare the case file for trials that may follow criminal litigation.

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